Trash vs Quality TV

In today’s Peak TV era, we are surrounded by a wide variety of television shows and hence we have a wide variety in terms of quality. But what exactly defines a show as ‘quality’. Many would argue that a shows entertainment value is what makes a show quality. But this is an incredibly difficult way to measure quality as everything we as individuals define as entertaining is incredibly subjective. Some enjoy sci-fi, others enjoy teen drama, sometimes regardless of whether it is quality.

I prefer to look at entertainment value and quality as two separate factors. There are a lot of shows where it can be well argued that they are very bad or ‘Trash’ (ie. “The Big Bang Theory“, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians“) yet they succeed due to it finding an audience that find that particular show entertaining. Whereas you can make cases for the quality (ie. “The Leftovers“, “Halt and Catch Fire“) of a show yet very few people will find said shows entertaining.

For the purposes of this review site we use several criteria to determine a shows quality, yet we do not discredit any TV that we deem trash and often use ‘Trash’ as an endearing term. Much ‘Trash’ does indeed have entertainment value and we value all entertainment here at QualiTV.

In order to determine quality we evaluate a range of fields a show can succeed or fail in. We look into how well the characters are developed, the depth of the actors performances, the sophistication of the cinematography, the editing process and the overall effort the writers have put in. Beyond all these conventional aspects of a show we examine overall themes and the culture significance of a show.

Does the show have a purpose?  A message it aims to get across? Is it a gamechanger for the industry? Does it break new ground? Does it understand the implications of its content on society?

These are questions we are devoted to answering here at QualiTV and we look forward to sharing our perspective on our obsessions with you.


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